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No need to hide it, October is a really special month for our business! This is the month when our olive harvest season starts, the final step in a long year of field work, when we finally bottle our precious green gold. October days are intense and marked by an ancestral rhythm: harvest from 7am to 4pm, quick transport to the oil mill, pressing olives within very few hours from the harvest and our extra virgin olive oil is ready to taste on sourdough bread bruschetta.

Repeat this routine to the very last olive hanging from the branch of the last moraiolo tree and there you have our daily life for over a month, with hardly any breaks.

However work needs celebrating, and the fruit of our efforts needs sharing! 

BENTORNATO OLIO NUOVO®, the day devoted to extra virgin olive oil, started with this in mind: a time to share and celebrate with old friends and new enthusiasts.

Every year, the last Saturday of October the doors of Villa Rosy open for a day full of events dedicated to extra virgin olive oil – tasting counter, educational walks in the olive grove, introduction to sensory analysis, creative workshops for the little ones and much more. 

This ritual started 10 years ago as a dinner between friends keen to taste our newly produced unfiltered oil has now become an unmissable event.

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Some flyers of the past editions:



bentornato olio nuovo 2022
bentornato olio nuovo 2021



bentornato olio nuovo 2019
bentornato olio nuovo 2018

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