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Cashmere, handicrafts and gastronomy in Umbria

San Potente recommends the best places for shopping:

From the cashmere of Solomeo to antique shops, the craft workshops of Perugia and modern design creations. These precious objects bear the mark of a land in which beauty feels right at home.

Umbria’s cashmere outlets and factory outlets. In Umbria you will not find large shopping centres, but rather a whole host of locations to purchase quality items at discounted prices.

Above all, Umbria means gourmet shopping. From DOP Umbria olive oil to fine wines, the black truffles of Norcia, the lentils of Castelluccio and the French beans of Trasimeno, not to mention the typical desserts and pastries. In Foligno you will find the best panettone in Italy!

The boutiques of Foligno and Perugia and the bustling streets of the town centre. The shopping streets are so tempting in Umbria that not even the most “distracted” tourist will pass them by!

The local crafts, the feather in the cap of Umbrian tourism: from woven goods to Gubbio and Deruta ceramics, Ripabianca terracotta, basket weaving and items crafted from olive wood.

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