Welcome to San Potente Agritourism

Here you will discover the charm and beauty of Umbria that welcomes travellers with genuine hospitality for a unique retreat.

San Potente is many things. It is our fragrant and unique Extra virgin olive oil, that reflects our love of the soil. San Potente is an agritourism experience at our two amazing locations: Villa Rosy and Residence Menotre. San Potente is the ancient hand loom in the house museum of Rasiglia, passing the weaving traditions from one generation to another.

San Potente is a family history intertwined with the story of Umbria between Assisi and Foligno, so special and charming. We will show you Umbria, a noble and ancient region, sophisticated and simple at the same time.

We open the doors of two unique accommodations welcoming curious travellers in search of authentic experiences and warm hospitality.

Villa Rosy is a 19th century Villa carefully restored with a private swimming pool located on a 27 acres olive grove. It is a few miles away from Assisi which makes it the ideal setting for those who love nature and relaxation, but do not wish to compromise on comfort.

Residence Menotre is a 15th century tower that has been converted into three holiday apartments. It is in the enchanting hamlet of Rasiglia di Foligno, which lies on the Menotre river. The apartments are surrounded by charming woods, the perfect place to discover  green Umbria and to find your own patch of peace.

Our family is dedicated to maintaining the legacy of the ancient art of weaving from Rasiglia. Our hope is to keep the knowledge and memories alive in a small but fascinating museum right in the heart of the village. Visitors are welcome to try their skills at weaving patterned fabric on traditional looms driven by Luciana.

Every year, we are delighted to share with our guests, the labour of love of harvesting the olives. When the work is finished, there is a huge feast, open to everyone. The highlightis the tasting of the new olive oil produced with joy and sacrifice on the slope of mount Subasio between Assisi and Spello.

In the place where our hearts belong, we will do our best to make you feel at home too.

Dicono di noi