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Sophisticated hospitality with a family flavour

The story of San Potente is the story of a tradition based on agriculture and hospitality It is the tale of a family deeply rooted in the soil, that strongly believes in authenticity, generosity and quality

San Potente is the story of the Tonti family and their love for Umbria. The same love inherited our Grandmother (I prefer not to use the term ‘Grandma”. Too familar.) Vanda. It was her affection for her birthplace of Rasiglia which led her to fund renovations of the local “Castello dei Trinci” walls. The same walls that today gloriously embrace the Residence Menotre. “Nonna” Vanda also promoted the creation of a small museum devoted to the local weaving tradition for future generations.

The same passion for the soil is the one that pushed Paolo to produce an extraordinary Extra Virgin Olive oil, a few miles away from Assisi. After restoring the beautiful 27 acres olive grove, Paolo renovated its ancient stone farmhouse that today is Villa Rosy.

In the ‘90’s, Vanda and Paolo began the family adventure to share the agricultural production of their unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil with visitors looking for an unforgettable Umbrian experience. This endeavor is wisely managed by Paolo, Luciana and Corinna with the support of Ilaria and Micol and the smiles of Alice and Olivia. At Villa Rosy and Residence Menotre you won’t find only a bed and a luxurious breakfast, but you will find genuine hospitality, quality gourmet products, relaxation and many valuable tips on things to see and do in order to live Umbria in a sustainable way.

We adore showing you the best and the sweetest of our region sharing with you our knowledge about the best wine producers and restaurants. It will be a pleasure to let you discover the most suggestive trails among stunning woodland, golden hillside and cities of art.

In the cool of our en-suite apartments as well as in our extra virgin olive oil and our weaving legacy, everything smells good and genuine as typical goods from a land known for charm and elegance.

Read the other chapters of our story made by hospitality, tasty and genuine experiences, artisan flavours and love for the earth. If you want to live Umbria the way we like it, come and meet us.

Become a chapter of our story.

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