Olive oil tasting in Umbria

Getting to know extra virgin olive oil

Tasting extra-virgin olive oil from Italy is a fascinating, sensory experience of flavours and perfumes.

It is a little-known practice, yet one that is much diffused and well-established in Umbria and with the help of a certified taster like San Potente’s Corinna, you will get to know the thousands of nuances concealed within the various oils through an engrossing comparative analysis.

Tasting technique

When tasting an extra-virgin olive oil, in order to recognise its virtues and aromas it is necessary to begin with an olfactory analysis, smelling the oil at a temperature of 27/28°C in a professional dark glass that conceals its colour. The oil first comes into contact with the tip of the tongue and is then “strippato” meaning that air is allowed to pass through the teeth in order to free its volatile components and better perceive any scents and defects.

Tasting experience

Once the professional and technical stage of the olive oil tasting is complete, we go on to the more conventional method whereby our oil comes into contact with typical products of the local gastronomy such as bruschetta, vegetables and legumes.

The harvest period (October and November) is always the best time to taste the new olive oil but at the San Potente holiday apartments we organise olive oil tastings all year round.

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