Hand weaving demonstrations

Luciana’s demonstrations

In the small village of Rasiglia, 17 km from Foligno, Luciana will guide you through an authentic experience inside the Umbrian craft traditions.

You will discover hand weaving here, an ancient art still practised today on 19th and early 20th century looms.


Luciana’s weaving demonstrations are truly fascinating. She will show you how to correctly weave the warp (vertical) threads together with the weft, creating incredibly beautiful and precious hand-crafted articles.

You will learn hand loom weaving techniques such as the correct use of the skein-winder, the horizontal loom, the warper and the shuttle, also discovering the main stages in the authentic Umbrian loom weaving once practised in the region.

Hands-on experience

Once you have tried weaving unique pieces with your own hands, we will celebrate your efforts with a magnificent buffet of bruschetta with San Potente extra-virgin olive oil, accompanied by the best of Umbrian gastronomy.

To book a visit to our small weaving museum at Rasiglia, please contact Mrs Luciana:

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