Hand weaving in Umbria

Handloom weaving in Rasiglia

Umbrian hand weaving has always played an important role in the local economy of Rasiglia, a small Umbrian village on the hill above Foligno, surrounded by woods and river waters.

Woollen mills and dye-works were once the most common industries in this area and in every home there was a loom for hand weaving garments.

When the majority of these businesses were moved to Foligno in the nineteen-sixties, our grandmother Vanda Tonti opened a textile laboratory in her home village Rasiglia so that the tradition of weaving in Italy would not be lost.

Our hand weaving atelier

At our weaving workshop, Luciana, heir to this noble tradition, will introduce you to an ancient craft carried out with the passion of those who guard a family secret.

Today, in addition to the loom, many period tools are on display and, thanks to the philological work carried out on old yarns, we will show you the original designs of yesteryear. The patterns that we still produce today are exactly those of two centuries ago: simple, geometric and able to be repeated in several variations.


Before your visit to the workshop we will guide you through the streets of the village and show you a film explaining the secrets of warpage.

Then Luciana will give you a practical demonstration of how to use a loom for hand weaving and your participation will be essential.

Finally, we will discuss your experiences over a delicious buffet of bruschetta with San Potente extra-virgin olive oil and a whole host of other typical Umbrian products.

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