San Potente olive oil production

Umbria evo oil

The structure of the land, the microclimate and the soil make cultivating our olive groves in Assisi and Spello particularly enjoyable, because the oil that we produce from them is an extremely high-quality extra-virgin Umbrian olive oil.

Cultivars and production process

From 1987 to the present day, the number of plants has increased to over two thousand, all of which are currently in production: the predominant variety is Moraiolo (60%), followed by Frantoio (25%) and Leccino (15%).

The quality of an extra-virgin olive oil from Italy depends on a number of parameters. San Potente olive groves are in the Colli Assisi-Spoleto DOP area and they grow in soil that is particularly rich in nutrients. The harvest takes place only once the olives are perfectly ripe (when their colour changes from green to purple) and they are harvested by hand with the aid of non-invasive vibrating combs. Finally, the methods and length of the storage, pressing, filtering and conservation stages follow the strictest production regulations, ensuring that our oil can bear the wording “extra-virgin olive oil DOP Umbria”.

Quality guarantee “DOP Umbria”

A distinctive characteristic of San Potente olive oil is its very low acidity, generally lower than 0.2%. Its scent is the characteristic perfume of green olives and fresh grass and it boasts the the classic bitter, spicy flavour typical of Umbrian olive oil.

If you are interested in olive oil production in Italy and wish to come and discover how the olives are harvested, the branches are “combed” and the nets are filled with our plants’ precious fruit, we invite you to come and visit us. We are not going to give away any more secrets on this page! All we will say is that DOP olive oil from Umbria is truly unique…

Harvest time

October and November are the harvesting months, the perfect time to visit the olive groves, witness the various phases of production and taste the new oil straight from the press.

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