Booking Info


  • AVAILABILITY REQUESTS are not binding and do not serve as a contract either for the client or for S. Potente Agriturismo S.a.s.
  • The RESERVATION REQUEST represents an Order Form and is therefore binding for the client, but not binding for S. Potente Agriturismo S.a.s. which reserves the right not to accept the reservation.
  • The RESERVATION CONFIRMATION that S. Potente Agriturismo S.a.s. sends to the client is binding for both parties and represents the completion of the reservation contract.
  • In cases where a deposit or credit card details are requested, S. Potente Agriturismo S.a.s. will send a PROVISIONAL RESERVATION CONFIRMATION. The client must send the requested sum/details within the time frame indicated by S. Potente Agriturismo S.a.s. so that the reservation is confirmed definitively.

The provisional reservation becomes binding for S. Potente Agriturismo only once it has received a copy of the deposit payment or details of the credit card to be used for the authorised withdrawal.

A copy of the payment must be sent via email to or by fax to +390742670383.

  • At this point S. Potente Agriturismo S.a.s. will send the client a confirmation letter and summary voucher to be shown at the moment of check-in at S. Potente Agriturismo S.a.s.


  • 30% deposit at the time of confirmation.
  • Remaining 70% upon arrival.
  • Any extras must be paid for before leaving.


  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card details via fax or email, including:
    • Name of card holder
    • Credit card company (we accept: Visa, MasterCard)
    • Credit card number
    • Expiry date
    • CVC code*

* CVC Card Verification Code – Mastercard, Visa: The verification code is composed of 3 figures, the last 3 of the number found on the back of the credit card in the signature space.

Send a copy of the payment via email to or fax to +390742670383 (the reservation becomes binding for the company only once this notification has been received).


No reimbursement of the deposit can be provided for cancelled confirmed reservations. For cancellations in the 30 days prior to the planned arrival date, it is possible to reuse the deposit for future stays (within a solar year from the cancellation date). For stays of over three weeks the conditions may vary.


security payment is always requested at the moment of arrival (see price list) which will be returned at the moment of departure unless any deficit or damage are noted or extra expenses need to be paid for.


The reservation is personal and may only be used by the person whose details are written on the reservation voucher. Nonetheless, should the client be unable to use the reservation he or she may transfer it to a third party and request that a new confirmation voucher be provided with the details amended. Failing this, S. Potente Agriturismo S.a.s. can refuse to hand over the keys to the apartment.