S. Potente Agriturismo S.a.s, hereinafter referred to as SPA S.a.s., is a family firm that rents apartments in Umbria for the purpose of tourism in its two properties: Residence Menotre and Villa Rosy.

  • All rental costs are per week and indicated in Euros.

In cases where different prices are published on other sites or specialised portals, only those published on the site are to be considered valid.

  • SPA S.a.s. only accepts guests who have made a prior reservation by fax or email.
  • Arrival (check-in): the accommodation will be available from 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. unless otherwise agreed. We recommend that you communicate your estimated arrival time at the accommodation well in advance, especially if it does not fall within the normal reception hours. You are reminded that in cases of check-in at night (between 9.00 p.m. and 6.30 a.m.) a sum of €60.00 is be charged.
  • Departure (check-out): the accommodation must be vacated by 9.30 a.m. unless otherwise agreed.
  • The keys will be provided upon arrival after the Guest has completed all the formalities required for check-in:

     – Presentation of the voucher;

     – Presentation of a valid form of identification;

     – Payment of the security deposit in cash;

     – Payment of the balance.

  • By Italian law all occupants (including minors) must present suitable proof of identity such as an identity card or passport. Failing this, SPA S.a.s. must refuse to provide hospitality (article 109 of the Public Safety laws as modified from article 7 point 2 of L.203/95). SPA S.a.s. will present every Guest with a personal details declaration form which he or she must complete and sign (Public Safety law as modified from article 7 point 2 of L.203/95).
  • At the same time, the Guest must pay the balance of the price of the stay and the security deposit in cash, as indicated on the voucher. The security deposit will be returned to the Guest upon departure, with deductions applied for any expenses for deficits or damages to the interior or exterior equipment of the accommodation facilities.
  • Should the Guest arrive with a group larger than the number of beds in the apartment reserved or larger than the number of people indicated on the voucher, SPA S.a.s. reserves the right not to hand over the keys to the apartment, inviting the Guests to leave the premises or, in the latter case, request an increase of the price of the stay at its entire discretion.
  • Minors not accompanied by their parents or by a responsible adult must show a photocopy of an identity document belonging to their parents along with their signed authorisation.
  • The minimum age for renting accommodation is 18.
  • For reasons of hygiene and for any allergies on the part of other Guests, animals are not admitted.
  • The reception area upon arrival is at the accommodation unless otherwise agreed.
  • Geographical indications and directions to the accommodation are available on the website or, if requested, will be provided directly by SPA S.a.s. following the definitive confirmation of the reservation.
  • Should the Guest be unable to occupy the accommodation for the entire period of the reservation due to difficulties with transport, errors or other personal reasons, no partial reimbursement is possiblefor early departures or delayed arrivals.
  • All accommodation must be occupied exclusively by the number of people indicated for that specific accommodation unit.
  • For reasons of Public Safety, Guests are not permitted to allow access to other people within the accommodation or the external areas, at any time of day.
  • Inside the premises it is forbidden to: smoke, use narcotic substances, speak in raised tones, shout, bang doors or windows, connect any electrical appliances to the mains unless authorised by SPA S.a.s. (with the exception of electric razors and computer equipment).
  • In the accommodation equipped with a swimming pool, the Guests are required to respect the regulations affixed at the entrance to the swimming pool area in full. Furthermore, in compliance with the Umbrian Regional Law of 13 February 2007 no. 4, the Guest must sign the same regulations in duplicate.
  • The Guest is not required to clean the accommodation at the moment of departure, but in cases in which the apartment is left particularly untidy and/or dirty (e.g. waste to be thrown away, plates and cups in the sink…) SPA S.a.s. will charge a fee of €90.00.
  • In all the accommodation facilities belonging to SPA S.a.s. separate collection of refuse is carried out according to the regulations in force and illustrated in detail within each apartment. SPA S.a.s. counts on the scrupulous collaboration of its Guests: should this not be the case it will be obliged to charge a fee of €100.00 for the lack of respect for these regulations.
  • You are requested to respect the hours set aside for restfrom 11.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. and from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.
  • You are also requested, each time you leave the apartment, to lock the door and ensure that the windows are closed correctly in order to avoid any theft of valuables from the rooms.
  • The Guest must make every effort to respect the premises and the things contained within them. Any damage caused to the premises, attributable to unskilled use or carelessness, will be charged at the cost of the renovation.