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Events in Umbria in October: sacred and secular

October events in Umbria

Perugia and Trevi are stars of Umbria in October, offering you two delicious opportunities to join in the celebrations and enjoy the last rays of Autumn sunshine.


St Francis Celebrations in Assisi

The month begins in spiritual fashion with the solemn celebrations in honour of Saint Francis whose death is commemorated in Assisi on 4 October. The festival of the Patron Saint of Italy culminates in the lighting of the lamp on the tomb of Saint Francis followed by the blessing of Italy and the World, the distribution of olive branches to the faithful and an evocative musical performance of the Cantico delle Creature.

On 14th October Todi pays homage to its patron Saint Fortunatus with an evocative procession from the cathedral to the church of San Fortunato.

On a gastronomical note, the first week in October plays host to the market exhibition of organic products and environmentally-friendly crafts, “Vai con Bio”, in Perugia’s historic centre.


Chocolate Festival in Perugia

Europe’s most famous celebration of chocolate, the Eurochocolate festival is held in Perugia from 18 to 27 October. Perugia, the historic city of chocolate-making that has lent its name to the most famous lovers’ chocolate in the world, welcomes the curious and the sweet-toothed to an exhibition rich in events with a programme that is renewed each year.

The Eurochocolate festival represents a whole world of chocolate to be explored, from simple tastings to chocolate-based cookery courses, beauty treatments and sculptures. Alongside the fun and entertainment are moments of learning and analysis. This year’s theme is sustainable development.


Medieval festival in Trevi

October’s festivals continue in the Umbrian Valley at Trevi, a magnificent historic village nestling in the hills. Scenes from medieval life, markets of traditional crafts, taverns, costumed processions, historic archery competitions and drumming contests bring the town centre to life, transforming it into a medieval fortress.


Celery and sausage festival in Trevi

The numerous events in Trevi in October include the Palio dei Terzieri on the first Sunday of the month, the Sagra del Sedano Nero e della Salsiccia (black celery and sausage festival) on the third Sunday and the final Castagnata in celebration of the chestnut. Three good reasons for visiting Trevi to enjoy Umbria’s October festivals in the celebratory atmosphere of this picturesque village.


A week-end in Umbria during the olive harvest

At Villa Rosy we start harvesting olives in mid October and guests are always welcome to come visit us in Assisi during this time of the year.

The “bravest” guests can even help us in the harvest and spend the day like a real olive picker.

The olive harvest at San Potente is a magic moment to visit Umbriain October…Don’t miss this opportunity!

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