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Hand loom weaving courses with typical buffet

Weaving craft is one of the many wonders of Umbria, a land where historic professions and expertise have been handed down for centuries.

At our home/workshop in Rasiglia di Foligno, Italy, you can immerse yourself in the historic world of Umbrian hand loom weaving.

The current custodian of our family passion, Luciana, will show you the work tools of our ancestors and teach you the secrets and techniques of this historic art.

A brief video will be followed by a practical weaving loom demonstration, where you can try out the skills you have learnt and test your manual abilities.

Finally, your efforts will be rewarded with a rich buffet of typical Umbrian produce.

The workshop visit will be preceded by a brief guided tour of the village of Rasiglia, a flourishing industrial centre of Umbria in the early twentieth century.

Duration: 2-3 hours.

Price: € 40 per person.

This activity is organised directly by us. For more information and bookings, send a message to Corinna at +39 335 1264096 (Whatsapp included).

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