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Umbria in December: street markets, nativity scenes and Christmas concerts

Christmas in Umbria

In December, Umbria helps you get into the Christmas spirit with a whole host of surprises! You will be enchanted by the evocative living nativity scenes such as the one in Rasiglia di Foligno, the artistic nativity scenes in Spello, the concerts in Perugia, sung masses in Assisi, Christmas markets and more.

Christmas markets

Christmas in Umbria begins with the festival of 8 December, the day on which the markets officially open and the bustling streets are lit with a thousand coloured lights. Norcia, Todi, Assisi and Perugia invite you to admire their artistic wonders and discover Umbrian gastronomy and crafts, as well as traditional singing and pipes.

On 13 December, for the Festa di Santa Lucia in Foligno, you can visit the convent church of the same name which opens for the occasion and purchase delicious aniseed wafers prepared according to a thousand-year-old recipe.

Umbria Gospel Festival

Gospel lovers can enjoy the concerts of the Umbria Gospel Festival in the most beautiful villages of the province of Perugia, such as Gubbio, Panicale and Città delle Pieve, while classical music echoes in the churches and historic buildings of Perugia.


Christmas in Assisi

Taking place over the Christmas week, the solemn celebrations in Assisi demand a mention. Don’t miss the midnight mass at the Basilica Inferiore di San Francesco and the a cappella concert by the Cantori di Assisi in the Basilica di Santa Chiara on 26 December.


Living Nativity scene in Rasiglia

On the same day in Rasiglia di Foligno, a delightful village in the hills, tradition comes to life with an evocative living nativity scene. Plunge into the past and discover historic professions such as the blacksmith, the dyer and the washerwoman, as well as ancient flavours with the culinary delights provided by the many refreshment stands along the route.


Umbria Jazz Winter Festival

Finally, we must mention the Umbria Jazz Winter festival from 28 December to 1 January in Orvieto to celebrate the New Year in style!


A Christmas holiday in the name of tradition…

For a real Christmas experience in Umbria in the name of tradition, do not hesitate to choose Residence Menotre!

Paolo and Luciana’s familiar welcome together with the warm atmosphere of the village of Rasiglia will lead you to a magic world.

Every year on 26th December and 6th January Rasiglia is the set of a living nativity scene like no other. Not to be missed!

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